Winter Wonderland

Most of my snow posts have included my complaints of the cold and annoyance with the ice, but I'd like to add that taking today's pictures are the perfect illustration of the downsides; e.g. my car got stuck on an icy slope and my friend had to push it out. If I had been alone I might never have escaped (to be dramatic). But yes, winter wonderland, no? Apparently, we're experiencing a "polar vortex" which I'm led to believe means cold air that usually stays further north is visiting us. I'm not particularly enjoying it, but it is making me admire my northern neighbors who endure this more regularly.

Outfit details:
Seams To Be scarf
Anthropologie jacket (similar)
Modcloth purse(old)
*pictures by Jon



  1. Oh, such ethereal photos and gorgeous look! Love the color scheme and your hair. Props to you for braving the cold. Glad your friend was able to help!

  2. But you've got to admit it makes your photos look even more magical! We have had no snow over here in the UK and I want some so bad. Love the blues and greens in this outfit. x

  3. these photos are so stunning!

  4. The snow and that gorgeous, golden light makes my heart flutter. Beautiful, beautiful you!

  5. Today is a day for hot water bottles! I hope you're staying warm :)

  6. Is it just me or does your red hair seem to match perfectly with your blue jacket and scarf? :)

  7. Is that your voice on "White Christmas" on your friend Jon's page? Gorgeous version.

  8. @Rebecca Schiff, I wish! I do not sound like that. :) It's someone he met on HitRecord, I forget her name.

  9. Oh, thank goodness you had someone with you! Getting stuck is one of the worst things about driving in general - it's so frustrating!

    Wonderful photos!

  10. Such a beautiful place with snow... Nice outfits Rebecca, love it!

  11. Oh dear! Couldn't imagine such a thing as the worries of getting bogged in the snow here in Australia. It sounds dreadful. I hope you are keeping warm. All in all though, the snow does make for very pretty pictures on your blog!


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