A Little Alice

Although there's clearly still a lot of snow on the ground, it is starting to warm up--warm up to the point where I don't need to layer tights and socks or a dozen slips and tank tops underneath my dresses. It's rather exciting to see signs of spring or at least tolerable weather, all my friends have been feeling the weight of this winter and every warm day we have is like an exhale of relief. Anyway, I was glad I could wear this lacy shift dress--it's one of those dresses that just feels perfect as soon as you put it on and I thought a fitting match for my new Alice In Wonderland book purse. Unlike other book purses this one isn't just a clutch but comes with an adjustable strap, so I'll be able to use it like an everyday cross body purse instead of reserving it for days when I don't need to use my hands!

Outfit details:
Zara coat (similar)
Seychelles wedges (old)
Asian iCandy purse
Sally Hansen nail wraps
*pictures by Jon



  1. you look gorgeous! love those tights.


  2. Gorgeous outfit, those tights are perfect with the dress.


  3. I think you once said that you didn't like matchy matchy stuff in outfits, but you really do have an excellent taste in matching items! I've seen a lot of those book clutches with different angles/niches to them---some are actual book covers, some are recreations of covers, some are made to look like books but without images on them, etc. It's fun to see what artists come up with!


  4. Oh my goodness, I'm in love with everything about this outfit! Those Tabbysocks tights are to die for!


  5. i have the exact same dress!!! but i never thought of a good way to wear it with my hair down, your bob cut is a great inspiration. However, just clicked in the Asia ICandy link and realized it's a whooping $50! soooooooo overpriced!!! i bought mine off the ebay equivalent asia website taobao.com for less than $15!

  6. I love this coord! The dress is fabulous and omg, the tights ♥

  7. Oh I want this outfit! The dress and tights!

  8. Stunning! It's so exciting when the weather warms up enough to be able to put a little less effort into making an outfit extra warm.

    Sweet Spontaneity

  9. This is a really lovely outfit. You look so nice. And how great that your bag has an adjustable strap. I love clutches, they can be very pretty and clever, but I find them to be a real inconvenience. So it is nice to seem them sometimes that comes with straps too if you want them there.

  10. The stockings make the innocent look a little more sexier!


  11. i love those tights!




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