Style Crush: Natalie Joos

As I've stated in the past most of my style crushes are born from street style blogs--while they're often the elite of the fashion industry, there remains a sense of real style in a street fashion capture. Most of these women are their own stylists, the outfits are worn out on the streets not merely shown in the pages of a magazine or existing only in their white-walled bedrooms, and there's a candidness of the street style shot--no professional hair or makeup, no soft lighting or photoshop to entirely re-make them, etc. Anyway, one style crush I have discovered because she is a frequent favorite of street fashion photographers is Natalie Joos. Joos is a casting agent and fashion consultant who also pens the wonderful blog Tales Of Endearment. Her blog offers insights into the lives, homes, and fashion of her stylish (re: fashion celeb) friends. Natalie Joos own style is quirky, colorful, and nothing if not adventurous. She is clearly a women who enjoys getting dressed and to me her passion for fashion is infectious.


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