Style Crush: Kirsten Dunst

On my short list of celebrities whose style I admire is Kirsten Dunst. I normally don't go for celebrity style because so many of their wardrobe choices are calculated--it isn't just free clothes and makeup artists, it's outfits to send a very specific image the world, being dressed by stylists and designers rather than following personal preference. Still, some celebrities stand apart and Dunst is one of those for me. Her off the red carpet looks are the epitome of casual--she's been caught in flip flops as often as flats and when she finds a piece she likes, she repeats it countless times--like her black Louis Vuitton purse designed by film-making bestie Sofia Coppola. When she does pull it together for an appearance she maintains her quirky personal style. While her wardrobe might not contain all the latest trendy items most celebrities closets are stocked with, hers it still the one I'd like most to raid.


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