Snow Day Musings

I know talking about the weather is the predominant topic on my blog at the moment, but it's hard to think about something else when your car is buried under a foot of snow and ice and the only time you get out of the city is when your friends with free vehicles are kind enough to give you a ride. At the moment I'm even longing to just hop on a train and go somewhere, but icy tracks means those aren't running most days either and my world has narrowed in the tiny sphere of streets I can walk to and back from without getting frostbite. It's ok staying in, there are always things to be done around the house and a steady Netflix queue to keep you entertained but even a hermit like myself is bound to get stir-crazy at some point. Perhaps it's not just the fact of being in the house, but the knowledge that I can't readily go somewhere that is affecting me. It's one thing to stay home, another to realize you have no choice. But I'm getting by. I snapped these pictures around the room to occupy myself for a little while between painting dinosaurs, drawing monsters, and answering the never-ending stream of e-mails that are a pre-requisite for a life partially spent online…At least I'm still getting dressed!
Style-wise lately I feel so draw to blush hues I would have turned my nose up to only a season ago--like these coral earrings I received as a gift from Marisa Messick. There's something soft and romantic to them from the color to the delicate texture…of course soft and romantic used to be terms I would have found cloying in the past. Romanticism as in the art movement and Pre-Rapahelite muse-esque have constantly been inspirations, but pastels and lovey-dovey looks featuring hearts or an excess of blush weren't really my thing. Yet, I've been feeling a shift lately and as the over-analytical person I am I spend too much time pondering the whys. Style is a shifting target since it's a reflection of ourselves, so when the color palette I want to wear changes I feel there's also an emotional and mental shift going on. Am I drawn to more blush tones because I'm sort of in love (it's really weird typing about being in love…so weird)?
P.S. Check out my Instagram if you want to see cars buried in snow and the city streets white and lit-up in the snow at night.

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  1. Where did you find the clothes hangers? My sister is obsessed with mustaches and clothes; they would make a great gift for her.

  2. @Owl Bee Hare, I got mine from Modcloth, but they no longer carry them. However, I noticed you can find them on Amazon here.

  3. I've been loving your snow day insta photos lately! Definitely happy to put up with any rambling - just make sure you bring the photos ;)

    Lost in the Haze

  4. Thanks. I will be sure to check them out.

  5. I am obsessed with how you use dresses to decorate.
    xx Abby a geek tragedy

  6. I know exactly what you mean. I'm a pretty big homebody too, but being stuck inside because of the constant snow is getting to me too! I keep thinking that it'll be warm soon enough, but it seems to get harder every year. Beautiful dress!

  7. Wow, I love your stack of National Geographics! I always think those are such a great thing to have laying around, especially when they're older and have that awesome aesthetic appeal as well :)

  8. I'm counting myself so lucky this year that I haven't had any crazy winter weather. I feel for everyone stuck in with the horrendous storms and snow. But, I can't help but wish I had some snow...

    I agree. I do prefer to sway towards a life of less human contact, but when it's completely prohibited then it's not the same. When it's no longer my choice, it's no longer fun.

    I completely agree with you thinking of a change in style reflecting an emotional and mental change. I know that's how mine has come about, so I wonder what it is for other people. People can be interesting sometimes ;)


  9. this room is just so dreamy!



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