Sunday Remix

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I've received a number of questions about my white tights lately so I thought featuring them in a remix would be the perfect way to talk about them. I was resistant to white tights for awhile, but after my style crush post on Sylvie Vartan I couldn't resist getting a pair. They don't necessarily make your legs look slimmer, but I like the way they help channel a vintage and romantic vibe. White tights are also a fun change from the usual black or navy I default to in winter and surprisingly go with a vast number of outfits.
I just received the new gem-encrusted cream tights above from Asian iCandy and I'm really excited to wear them out--I don't know if I should opt for a fun decorative shoe or if I should wear them in juxtaposition with my best snow boots…
P.S. Here's another tights remix featuring purple, red, and rust-colored tights if you're looking for more colored tights inspiration.


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