Sneakers aren't usually my style but if you put a galaxy print on something it instantly becomes my style, so I definitely wasn't in the mood to refuse these sweet Gola sneakers from Modcloth. Sporty fashion always feels like a costume to me--my gym visits are years apart and my workout routine usually stops after about a week and I never played on a team at school, so in sports attire I feel like a fraud. But with my favorite bomber and a skirt I wear to death I still manage to feel myself in the atypical shoes. After all, I can wear a space shuttle on my shirt without being an astronaut so there's no reason why I shouldn't wear cosmic sneakers and give my feet a break from less comfy footwear even though I'm not remotely sporty. Don't worry I'm not becoming "Normcore" or looking for fashion Birkenstocks...

Outfit details:
UO bomber (old)
Topshop tee (old)
UO purse (similar)


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