Sneakers aren't usually my style but if you put a galaxy print on something it instantly becomes my style, so I definitely wasn't in the mood to refuse these sweet Gola sneakers from Modcloth. Sporty fashion always feels like a costume to me--my gym visits are years apart and my workout routine usually stops after about a week and I never played on a team at school, so in sports attire I feel like a fraud. But with my favorite bomber and a skirt I wear to death I still manage to feel myself in the atypical shoes. After all, I can wear a space shuttle on my shirt without being an astronaut so there's no reason why I shouldn't wear cosmic sneakers and give my feet a break from less comfy footwear even though I'm not remotely sporty. Don't worry I'm not becoming "Normcore" or looking for fashion Birkenstocks...

Outfit details:
UO bomber (old)
Topshop tee (old)
UO purse (similar)



  1. <3 The shoes! The whole outfit is class!

  2. i love this outfit!! those shoes rock!


  3. Love those shoes, I don't own anything with galaxy print right now but I definitely love the trend
    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  4. These are awesome. I also feel strange in sporty clothes, but I think shoes are different.

  5. you look so awesome~! i love this look on you.

  6. every time I see you make an outfit post about loving space I always wonder if you've seen this skirt:
    Every time I see it, it just reminds me of your blog!

  7. Is normcore one of these new words that I just don't know about, yet ;) I'm not very savvy with the kids anymore!

    The best part to this outfit (apart from the outfit in general, as always) is the windy day hair and the fact that your socks are at different heights. It just reminds me of a question I was asked earlier and I was trying to highlight how as bloggers we are real people who look like really people and have windy hair like real people :)

    ~ K

  8. @~K actually I mentioned Normcore to a friend the other day and after their blank look I realized it was more obscure than I thought it was--it's this new subset of fashion, people who are intentionally trying to look unfashionable in a way. Anyway, I think I'll write a post on it soon since it keeps running through my head...but yeah I'm sort of the odd one for knowing it apparently!
    & yeah it was a crazy windy day and socks constantly need adjustment :) I'm just glad the wind didn't knock my tripod over.

  9. I don't know why but I'm so excited to see your hair growing!!! It suits you very well here.


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