Style Crush: Agathe

If a style blogger falls off the Internet they make a sound--and being the Internet that sound is repeated and repeated for eons. When regular fashion blogger Agathe of Style Bytes (possibly the first personal style blogger to exist) abruptly stopped posting without warning dozens of blog posts and articles sprung up around the web speculating on her disappearance and what it all meant. Other fashion bloggers who followed Agathe but had no personal connection to the Norway-based secretary-slash-blogger had to make public posts explaining they did not know where Agathe was or how to contact her. It was all a bit crazy and while the mystery has since been solved (she split from her blog photographer-husband and no longer had any interest in the site they had created together) there is still a void in the Internets where she once belonged. When I look back on outfits she posted in 2008, I'm struck by how they remain relevant today--her mix of vintage and high street brands (H&M was a favorite) would still look stylish on a blogger today. While she never invested in a fancy DSLR and prime lens, there's no denying the quality and theatricality of her photographs snapped with a simple digital camera (definitely a photo tip here: it's not just your equipment that makes for a good photograph). I was and remain inspired by Agathe's style and I do hope she is enjoying her life off the Internet these days.



  1. It's so weird that you should post this today as I was just thinking of her earlier, out of the idea why, she just popped into my head. Shortly after she quit blogging I think she moved to a small fishing village on the coast and had a baby. I suspect her life is quite different now. I loved her photos and wish she'd post something every now and then, even if it's not style or fashion related.

  2. Wow, everything you posted of hers looks so fresh and as if it was posted just yesterday. She has great personal style. Too bad she isn't blogging anymore.

  3. This brings back memories. I love Agathe and her blog;she's the one who introduced me to personal style. I hope she's doing good nowadays.

  4. Interesting flash to the past. It's a very cinematic look isn't it? All her photos are a freeze-framed moment that you could write a "before" and "after" story about. She certainly had a strong "voice."

  5. I'm so glad you posted this! I still look back at her style shots for inspiration and have them all saved in a folder on my computer (pre-tumblr/pre-pinterest etc). I felt the same way about Helmi Otsalla...such good blogs....

  6. Hi. You might enjoy reading this:

  7. I think about Agathe / Style Bytes every now and then (and I do a google search)... she made fashion look so easy and fun. It's amazing how many people she inspired all over the world.


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