Sugar Pavilions

Alexandra Grecco's tulle skirts are the stuff dreams are made of--they're so full and floaty like a pretty pastel confectionery. When Alexandra offer me one to style I replied with an immediate yes and visions of ballet-inspired outfits started dancing in my head. Not every little girl dreams of growing up to be a ballerina, but I must confess to be one of the many females who danced briefly when she was younger and still holds a fondness for the tutus. At first I thought about pairing the skirt with a black bodysuit and ballet flats, but then I decided to play up the soft grey color with a matching sweater which also suits our early spring weather better than a lighter layer. The setting sun caught the outer layers of tulle giving them a beautiful peachy tone which complimented my other accessories in the best way. Anyway, I'm quite over the moon about this perfect little skirt and I can't wait to wear it again and again this spring and summer.

Outfit details:
ASOS hairpin
Crew Cuts sweater


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