Sunday Remix

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I don't wear jeans often (I don't think they're as flattering or comfortable as dresses) and somehow I have narrowed down my jeans collection to only non-traditional colors. The other day I tried to wear a simple jeans and tee shirt combination and I realized that I didn't own any blue jeans. It hardly matters and my favorite non-traditional jeans are these dark olive green ones by J Brand--they're still a great neutral and I've been wearing them for a couple of years now.


Anonymous said...

You look great in jeans!

I currently don't wear jeans. I started to wear trousers (pants) about 3 months ago after being a dresses/skirts only person and now enjoy wearing them about 3 days a week.

However I don't have the confidence yet to wear jeans. I think it may be down to modesty issues or perhaps the image. I don't think I would ever wear skinnies but may try other styles one day. I think I might prefer non-navy colours and like your green jeans.



Nikki Williams said...

having one pair of perfect jeans is so important! love these!