Bill Cunningham's Facades

Perhaps the most prolific modern street fashion photographer isn't the catchily titled Sartorialist or Facehunter (although the former might try to claim the fame) but instead humble Bill Cunningham. Since 1978 he has been sharing his candid captures of street fashion for the Times. His subjects are vast and varied--fashion editors like Anna Wintour have stated they get dressed for Bill but he's equally as likely to photograph a stranger on the street and is interested in genuine personal style. There's a terrific documentary on Bill Cunningham where you can learn more about the man behind the lens, but today I'm focusing on a series of his recently presented to the public in book form: Facades. Like many of Cunningham's projects this one is long-running; he began the series in the 1970s with his friend and fellow photographer Editta Sherman. Sherman was a devoted collector of vintage fashion and together the two traveled around New York creating vintage scenes matching outfit to architecture--or in a couple of instances clashing the two. You can read more about the collaborative project here.


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