Sunday Remix

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I've mentioned this before, but I'll repeat myself: when I stock up on sweaters I usually buy from the children's section at J Crew (preferably when those are on sale too!). In addition to being a high quality sweater at a lower price point than the adult section, I really like the fit of these since I am quite petite. They're boxier than sweaters cut for women, but I love the length and overall fit, so I have a number of these in a variety of colors. For reference I'm 5'1" and this sweater is a children's boy's size 10. My basic black Crew Cuts sweater still gets worn to death but I only remembered I owned this light grey/almost blue one when I was pulling together the top outfit with my new Alexandra Grecco skirt.


Lonka said...


Rebekah Bradford said...

Hey sometimes it's better to shop in the kids section! You found a great sweater--plus, I love remix posts!

Nikki Williams said...

perfect sweater for layering!!



Sabbie Narwal said...

That's brilliant! I've always enviously eyed the colourful array of stuff in some children's stores and though I'm somewhat tall, I am determined to find something that fits anyway! :)

Jeanne said...

Gorgeous chiffon skirt!