Favorite Films Masterpost

*photo by J.R. Eyerman at the opening-night screening of Bwana Devil, the first full-length, color 3-D movie

It's always difficult for me to pick favorites; I'm always hard-pressed to name my favorite author or candy or book from childhood or even dress or outfit and yet we are constantly asked to pick favorites. The frequent request for a favorite movies master post has led to today's post listing a few of my favorite movies by genre (genres as defined by me anyway). I haven't been very good at posting movies recently, but I'd love to get back into the swing of things because there's nothing better than a couple of hours escaping into a fantastic film and then discussing it for awhile afterward. Anyway, back to today's subject: favorites. The movie that is probably closest to being named my overall favorite is Charade--it has all my favorite elements: Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, plot twists, intrigue, comedy, and a gorgeous wardrobe. It's a bit of a Hitchcock copy, but with so much wit and humor that it stands on its own apart from more traditional thrillers.

Classic films:
-The Red Shoes
-North by Northwest
-The Women
-Now, Voyager

-What A Way To Go
-How To Steal A Million
-Bringing Up Baby
-Take Her, She's Mine (I've really been hunting for a copy of this film!)
-The Thin Man

Modern favorites:
-Bright Star
-An Education
-The Virgin Suicides
-Before Sunrise
-Bugsy Malone
-Dead Poets Society
Fashion related films:
-The September Issue
-Bill Cunningham New York
-The Eye Has To Travel (about Diana Vreeland, I want to write a thorough post on this one day!)
-Funny Face

Are you better than me at picking favorites?


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