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Despite growing up with frequent moves and then studying abroad in college for a couple of semesters and focusing most of my disposable income on travel when possible I would still not claim to be an expert packer. Packing is also subjective. Separates are great to focus on because you can mix tops and bottoms to almost no end, but 9 times out of 10 I'd rather wear a dress than a shirt and a skirt, so that sort of tip doesn't work for me. Still I do try to be an efficient packer and there are a few tricks I always try.
-wear your bulkiest items on the plane to save more room in your suitcase; my "airport style" is based around maximum suitcase space saving rather than cuteness
-think variety at least when it comes to shoes & accessories; i.e. one pair of flats, one pair of boots, a cross body bag, a tote, a nice purse for evenings out and choose them in varying colors like one brown shoe, one black shoe

-choose items you can remix; the key to this is thinking ahead and imagining 2 or 3 outfits you can wear each item with before you choose to take it
-why don't you try picking out a specific color palette--like blue, white, and red? if every piece you take goes within that palette you'll be able to combine them endlessly. even choosing a base of black means you can minimize your shoes and jackets and focus on a variety of dresses that will coordinate with those basic pieces.
-focus on taking more dresses/separates rather than outerwear; the same coat day after day doesn't get as old as the same dress
-minimize your beauty routine--I use less skin products when I travel and focus on only packing my makeup essentials, it will also save time in the morning and evenings so you can experience a fuller day

-wear perfume, after a long day tourist-ing it up on foot and stumbling into a dirty hostel there's nothing like being able to smell nice to make you stand up a little straighter--further why not buy a perfume while you are there? scent is the strongest sense tied to memory, so wear it while you're away and it will evoke your travels every time you spritz it when you back home
-pack accessories to keep your basics interesting
-put your jewelry/more fragile items inside your packed shoes to keep them safe during travel
-leave room for souvenirs, if you're going to be gone for a long time (like a semester) consider taking a small duffle bag inside your suitcase to fill with your finds



  1. I dont travel that much and when I do its usually only for a week at most, so travelling tips arent much use to me at the moment, BUT I really love your tip about the perfume!!! I had never thought of that before and its pretty genius. If/when I get the chance to travel out of country I think I will definitely do that!

  2. Great tips, and perfect timing to start dreaming about the summer trip :) I usually try to create at least two styles from the same dress (better if there are three), I liked that you mentioned a tip with dresses instead of skirt and top. Totally agree with the airport syle, hahaha, you can find me underneath layers and layers :)
    The cat, you and us

  3. great tips!

  4. I always make sure to wear my coat and bulky things on the travel.
    I'm a bad packer but every time I pack I get better, which I happy about. I go back to the UK in a month or so and I think I might make a little challenged for myself to remix my clothes around rather than taking specific outfits.

  5. These are the exact methods I have learned in my back-and-forth travels to London from Florida to visit my LDR. I now live in London as we are married, but my packing has changed so much because of all those trips. I used to be absolutely horrible! I would bring far too much and then couldn't make anything of the individual pieces I brought. Now I always stay in the same colour palette and bring far less. In fact, I go back through my packing on the day I leave to slim it down more.

    I made the perfume purchase on my first trip to London too, for the exact same reason. :) There is nothing like suddenly smelling a particular scent and being transported back to a precise moment and place in your life.

  6. I love this post! My husband and I travel a lot, and my greatest traveling weakness is still packing. I'm slowly learning the best tips for my packing habits, but I still always find myself bringing twice as much as I need.
    I love the perfume tip, though -- I started doing that on our first trip together, and everywhere we've been has garnered another scent. I have a little world collection, now. I'll spritz in the morning at home and say, "I'm wearing Ireland today!"

  7. Thanks for this post! These are some really great tips - some of which I wouldn't have even thought of. I really like the idea of purchasing a perfume while away and wearing it during the trip.

  8. I just love your packing list,Rebecca! It’s very creative and helpful. One thing I ALWAYS travel with is scotch tape. It keeps things from leaking in your bag and it’s handy in a pinch.


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