Downhill Demesnes

Oh my winds. Thomas is a great sport in helping me take pictures and I always make an effort to smile so sometimes when you look back in retrospect it's hard to remember that between shots it rained on you and anytime you ventured away from these walls the wind threatened to blow you off a cliff. Ok perhaps not off a cliff, but it was strong wind that made exploring this area nearly miserable. We were both quite happy to troop from one end to the other, then away to a quiet beach where the rain abated and the wind lessened. I definitely had a better time running around in the sand and sitting in the dunes enjoying the sun than I did exploring in this particular set of castle ruins, but the pictures certainly came out nice! The architecture was very interesting and the views from the top were lovely, so hopefully I can return on a more calm day and appreciate my surroundings a bit more.

Outfit details:
Knitwits hat
ASOS jacket (similar)
Anthropologie shirt (old, similar)
*pictures by Thomas



  1. love that blouse!!

  2. I hate when the wind tries to ruin things! Rain I can deal with, but not wind. Your pics still turned out lovely though and you look supercute :) xo

  3. the skirt so pretty :) Irene Wibowo

  4. The photos turned out so pretty! And I love your Alice bag (I so want one!)

  5. I'm a super fan of your alice in wonderland book clutch! :)

    i.e.; Jessie

  6. I love that your hat matches your shirt! It's so cute and those shoes are so gorgeous I want them so badly.


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  8. I'd never have guessed these pictures were taken under less than ideal circumstances. I absolutely love your hat and that last shot!

  9. Lovely blouse and outfit, funny hat!! Beautiful photos! :-)

  10. love those booties!


  11. I find it the hardest to enjoy exploring when its windy. The rain, I don't mind if it's just raining and I have an umbrella or a way to get out of it but the wind is hard to escape.

    I love how you incorporate the scenery, I will admit to using you picture style as a little inspiration when I'm out and about :)


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