Postcards From The North Coast

On my last visit to Ireland despite being in the country for nearly a month I still somehow managed to not visit the Giant's Causeway (arguably the most famous sight in Northern Ireland). This time better weather prevailed and Thomas took me on the most amazing tour of the North Coast--the Giant's Causeway ended up being just one stop on a tour of breath-taking beaches dotted with cliffs, caves, cows, and funny phones...



  1. Wow, I've never seen rock formations like that on a beach. Looks like such a dreamy place :)

  2. Glad you got to see the Giant's Causeway this time! It's such an amazing place. I love that first shot of these especially. It really does look like it should be a painting. Beautiful.

  3. Such a beautiful place. Being from the UK, it's sad to admit that I've never been to Northern Ireland - just little old England for me.

  4. I'm from the North coast of Northern Ireland and it is just beautiful!:)

  5. i want to go to there. that is beauuutiful. annd...what are the phones for??? are they real? in case someone is drowning??

  6. @Miranda, the phones are real and I would assume that's the purpose but I don't know for certain.


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