The Poetry Room

The topmost chamber in Helen's Tower before you reached the roof was a window-lined, wooden room titled the "Poetry Room." The ceiling was a beautifully carved masterpiece and the walls were simple wood with red velvet seats in the windows punctuated only by a few bronze plaques featuring poems about the tower. Tennyson, Browning, Kipling and others wrote about the idyllic retreat and some of their works grace the walls to this day. From Tennyson's poem:
"Helen's Tower, here I stand,
Dominant over sea and land.
Son’s love built me, and I hold
Mother’s love in letter’d gold.
Love is in and out of time,
I am mortal stone and lime…"
With it's tall windows overlooking the misty forest you could easily imagine some Romantic poet seeking inspiration in this room and sitting down at the center table to scribble their ideas. Sadly this post concludes our tour of Helen's Tower--after a few nights within its wall it was time to leave our misty tower and return to reality...

Outfit details:
ASOS dress (old)
Seychelles oxfords (old)
*pictures by Thomas



  1. Looks absolutement perf. And I wonder, don't you ever tire of taking pictures?!? I mean, doesn't it get tedious, capturing every moment? Do you sometimes feel you're missing out? On life?

  2. @Anonymous, eh sometimes I feel a bit stressed about taking pics for the blog, but I actually don't capture every moment. For example my sitting room post & today's post were taken on the same day and there are other days while I was at the tower I didn't take any pictures--there are even other rooms in Helen's Tower I never documented. I definitely have days off like anyone else & when I (or Thomas) don't feel like taking pics I don't. Pictures on the blog and pictures I take in general are only a small slice of my actual life.
    Of course, I got into photography because I really like capturing certain moments. As soon as I got my first camera long before I had a blog, I was snapping away--friends even nicknamed me "paparazzi!" :)

  3. Amazing pics dear!! The dress is so beautiful ;)


  4. Great dress and gorgeous setting!

  5. This is exactly the kind of place that I imagine poets writing their works. I would love to take books of their poems and read them there, imagining if they could have been written there. Imagine them sitting at the table scrawling in a notebook or on a piece of paper. It seems like it is untouched by time! Love the photos and the outfit!

  6. Your skin is just glowing in these! Can you briefly describe your skin care routine?

  7. Your outfit goes perfectly with the amazing setting. And your eyes are so lovely.

  8. love this plaid dress!


  9. @Anonymous, I did do a post about this so it's prob more detailed buried somewhere in the blog. :) Anyway I use Clinique 3 Steps at night and I moisturize at night and in the morning with lotion (no particular brand usually jergens/st ives). I think the biggest skin thing is actually to drink a lot of water--it makes your skin healthier than anything else really.

  10. I have a tower!
    Hah but these are beautiful photos.


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