A Step In Time

A whole day quickly disappears when you're antique shopping--doesn't it? You hop from one antique mall to another, pressing your nose to the glass cases, wandering up and down the narrow aisles, calling to your companion in the labyrinth to show them some random discovery and before you know it the day is nearly over and your wallet is a good deal lighter. It's also the perfect activity for these sweltering summer-like days; skipping from air conditioned chamber of secrets to air conditioned chamber making the heat and modern world fade away in a cool breeze of manufactured air and dusty remnants of the past. Thomas and I definitely had a good day exploring and drove home with some special bits of history in our pockets even if we didn't buy everything our hearts desired. Vintage shopping is also an exercise in self-control for me--oh another pretty vintage red dress to add to my wall? Lovely, but I can resist today...

Outfit details:
FOSSIL purse (old, similar)
old shoes (similar)
*pictures of me by Thomas


Nikki Williams said...

that green dress is gorgeous! love all of the fun antiques!



Kayla Kluver said...

Completely agree - vintage shopping is a wonderful way to wile away a day. Lovely photos! xx www.clutch-style.com

Indy said...

I love antique store shopping! I just had a great day not that long ago and came home with a trove of goodies!

Love your green dress! That color just suits you so well!

Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

gorgeous photos!! that dress looks amazing on you!


Corinne Figliuzzi said...

you look so comfy & chic as always! i haven't been antique shopping in forever! absolutely love that mermaid washing powder - if only i had an apartment and lots of money to get all of these beautiful items!
xx Corinne

Alexandra Marie said...

This reminds me a lot of a place around here called Granny's Attic- aren't shops like this the best!? Alex


Chantele Cross-Jones said...

Antique shops in the US are so much better than the UK!
Two Hearts One Roof

Kate said...

Lovely photos. Antique shops are great. :)

namie said...

wow!!!! loved your dress over here!! and my gosh!the shop!! i would love to go to a shop like this... only if we had one in our place... anyway, i always love almost all your pictures and this entry is like, awesome! :D




Essjay @ essjaysbubble.com said...

Absolutely adore your first photograph! So cinematic. Wish there were places like this close to me!