Grease Lightning

I've worn a variation of this outfit several times since getting back to the States and people keep telling me I look like a character out of Grease. It wasn't my intention, but I can see it. Anyway, it's both weird and good to be back--I find myself having to remember that this is home. I only moved to Pennsylvania a couple of years ago, so now spending several months away and then coming back is disconcerting. I still get lost sometimes when I'm driving and the city can feel as unfamiliar as Ireland was. I catch up with friends and work, but I spend a lot of time feeling as if I'm only half here. Visiting my family when they're scattered around the States means I've probably spent more time this year away from my apartment than at it. It's hard enough knowing where home is when you grew up moving every few years, it's getting even more confusing living out of a suitcase several months of the year...


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