Grease Lightning

I've worn a variation of this outfit several times since getting back to the States and people keep telling me I look like a character out of Grease. It wasn't my intention, but I can see it. Anyway, it's both weird and good to be back--I find myself having to remember that this is home. I only moved to Pennsylvania a couple of years ago, so now spending several months away and then coming back is disconcerting. I still get lost sometimes when I'm driving and the city can feel as unfamiliar as Ireland was. I catch up with friends and work, but I spend a lot of time feeling as if I'm only half here. Visiting my family when they're scattered around the States means I've probably spent more time this year away from my apartment than at it. It's hard enough knowing where home is when you grew up moving every few years, it's getting even more confusing living out of a suitcase several months of the year...



  1. At least you had fun on your trips :) I think it's great that once in a while you go some place else and see how the world outside your home lives and looks like!
    Love the outfit, the dress is super cute!


  2. love the headband:) totally feel ya with being all over the place this year- I'm leaving new york this week for good! it's too bad we couldn't hang out in pennsylvania before I leave ( I so wanted to check out that abandoned roller coaster together) but it was a pretty busy and transient year for both of us!

  3. I love this outfit! The reddish brown in your shoes goes swell with your hair, and I love the long length of this dress. It must be so comfy! Great with a jean jacket of course :)

  4. Such a pretty and elegant outfit! Grease wouldn't have been my first thought but I can see where people are coming from.

  5. What a great outfit with the headband and all black attire. I always love your pictures in this rusty bridge, when I see it I say to myself: she is now at home :)

    The cat, you and us

  6. The looks actually better with the jean jacket! Love the shoes.

  7. those shoes are so cute!


  8. this outfit is so adorable! i love it with the jean jacket.

  9. At first I didn't get the grease comment but the more I look at this dress the more I see it! I would love to be in grease so I say this with the highest intentions. Traveling always leaves me feeling like I don't really belong anywhere but in the air and in constant motion. I never want to be home anymore.


  10. I love the long full skirt, they are totally my style!
    Two Hearts One Roof


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