Familiar Territory

A host of old favorite collide in this post--one of my favorite dresses (which is completely worn to death), railroad tracks (the state I live in might change, but I always hunt down quiet railroad tracks for pictures since college), and my classic trench coat (also worn to death). The best thing about old favorites is when you get an opportunity to take a break from them by going away, or putting them in a box in the basement, and coming back to them with fresh eyes and a new appreciation. Even your favorite meal gets tiring when it's the only thing you know how to cook and you're forced to eat it every day, but after some variety it's nice to return to something familiar. And no matter how familiar the train tracks and no matter how many times I go and don't see trains, I do spend the whole time looking over my shoulder...

Outfit details:
ASOS trench coat (customized)
Triptych dress (old, similar)
belt ℅ Modcloth (sold out, similar)
J Crew purse (old, similar)



  1. I love this look a lot! I find it fun to pair a girly skirt with a fun graphic tee too :]

  2. what a fun dress!! i love the fit.


  3. classic rebecca--i will never grow tired of it. <3 also, you look especially breathtaking in this set, like actual moments captured, not fabricated. that one of you sitting on the tracks is my new favorite. (:

  4. Oh, this dress of yours brings memories! The first time I saw picture of you, you were wearing this dress and it was in the style book of bloggers. Or was it about street style? Can't remember but I loved everything in your style! Since then I've never missed a post from you!

  5. Your pictures always so so fresh and non-posed. You say you wear this dress to death, but it looks SO good on you that I don't really remember ever seeing it before. Your whole attitude is just so wonderful, especially that first picture. You are standing there with an air of confidence that is just great, not a cocky mood, just I am really enjoying myself! On top of all this you are such a beautiful woman, you are by far my favorite blog!!!

  6. Beautiful! I recently saw a little kid in a similar dress(grey with tiger though) and fell in love! Gotta get me one of those…

    Love your nails too by the way!

  7. Lovely outfit! I'm really curious about what your lipstick is :)

  8. You look like a sophisticated badass. Love it :)

  9. We have some rail lines near us but they are a little more used than I would like to risk standing on them. We live quite close to a main station so maybe that's why. I need to hunt for more!

    I do love your nail polish!

  10. Definitely be careful on any train tracks. Nomatter how abandoned they may seem you never know when a train will come down them. Plus it's illegal trespass so if someone stumbles upon you it could be an issue. That's not to say they're not gorgeous pictures! And I absolutely love this dress every time you wear it. It's just so cool!

  11. lovely and love the mani!
    BTW have you seen this contest, you can win a 3,000 € wishlist of your choice!



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