Familiar Territory

A host of old favorite collide in this post--one of my favorite dresses (which is completely worn to death), railroad tracks (the state I live in might change, but I always hunt down quiet railroad tracks for pictures since college), and my classic trench coat (also worn to death). The best thing about old favorites is when you get an opportunity to take a break from them by going away, or putting them in a box in the basement, and coming back to them with fresh eyes and a new appreciation. Even your favorite meal gets tiring when it's the only thing you know how to cook and you're forced to eat it every day, but after some variety it's nice to return to something familiar. And no matter how familiar the train tracks and no matter how many times I go and don't see trains, I do spend the whole time looking over my shoulder...

Outfit details:
ASOS trench coat (customized)
Triptych dress (old, similar)
belt ℅ Modcloth (sold out, similar)
J Crew purse (old, similar)


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