Ashes Of A Secret Heart

First sparklers of the season. One of my favorite things about summer is staying out into the late evening when the heat of the day finally breaks and lighting up a sparkler. They always make me feel like a kid again. Pennsylvania has a number of firework outlets, so I've already stocked up on all the sparklers and small fireworks I'll be needing for the season. It's early days yet, but I couldn't resist lighting a few while Thomas was visiting. We even made the unfortunate decision to light a small firework we thought would be noiseless on the roof of my house one night--I don't think our neighbors were expecting to hear that in the middle of May and we quite surprised ourselves as well. Thankfully no one fell of the roof and we only lit one before realizing the mistake. We went to park for these sparklers and it's safe to say we didn't disturb anyone in the lighting of them!
I'm wearing Family Affairs dress and my Jane Basch necklace, pictures by Thomas.


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