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This dress was made for bare feet and beaches--from the lightweight cotton to the palm print it was made for sunshine and summer. I might not have the bare feet and beaches, but it's feeling very close to summer lately so the dress has a suitable environment at least.
On a different note, I've been thinking about clothes and how they make people feel lately. I like using analogies to explain my relationship to fashion--quick and easy stories or comparisons that illustrate a point without having to spend an hour discussing how developing my personal style changed the way I felt about myself. My favorite analogy (which I've used here before) is comparing fashion as a hobby to sports as a hobby--women who shop designer shoes are seen as frivolous while either gender who don team affiliated clothing are seen as fans. Spend loads of money on game tickets, or adjust your social schedule to not miss a game on your big screen television and again, you're just a true fan. Prioritize your expendable income to expand your wardrobe and you're probably vain. I see fashion as a hobby and some hobbies happen to be more socially acceptable than others.
But all of that is an analogy I've beaten to death before, the latest comparison on my mind is attention seeking versus attention receiving. I've written a long post on this before as well; i.e. the idea that I know a more outlandish outfit will turn heads but I'm not wearing it for the purpose of turning heads--I focus on clothes that make me feel good and usually deal with the fact that it makes me more noticeable. As a shy person the fact that my style can make me the overdressed person at a party isn't a benefit, but something I'm willing to accept for the sake of feeling good in my skin. The analogy I've thought of recently is this: dietary choices. If you're at a cookout and everyone else gets a burger and you get a hotdog will people assume you're being different for the sake of attention or rather think you just prefer to eat hotdogs? At a restaurant with friends when everyone else gets sodas and you get a milkshake will your friends think your milkshake is particularly obtrusive at the table? To my mind, choosing to wear a flower crown or vintage dress should be seen as a similar matter of preference--you might already know everyone else will order/show up in jeans and a tee shirt or some other more conventional outfit, but if you prefer something else why eat the burger?
All analogies aside I suppose I'm still trying to figure out why we're so quick to judge people for not blending in and to make assumptions on their appearance...



  1. This is very cute! Also, your hair looks very nice at this length. x

  2. What a pretty setting for photos!

    And I agree with you! I'm also very shy by nature, but I'm also known to dress "up" in a way that usually draws more attention than the norm up here. *Milkshake cheers.* :)

  3. Lovely outfit. True it feels like something that belongs on the beach, but it's beautiful everywhere. I love that dress - it seems to fit you perfectly.


  4. Great post, everything you write is so accurate! I really like the way you think about fashion - a matter of a personal choice, like a milkshake. PS Beautiful photos, you never disappoint me.

  5. Amazing location for this outfit!!

    Love yor reflections on fashion seen as a hobby in an analogy to sports as a hobby, and why the later seems to take a favourable view by society conventions. Say it girl! :) I live in a place devoted to soccer where your words specially ring true.

    Damaris | The cat, you and us

  6. you look SO adorable! love the print of the dress.

  7. that dress is so cute! love these photos. and that backpack is gorgeous!


  8. I can relate to what you say about personal style preference/needs vs. attention-seeking. In sunny weather, with fair skin, I like to carry a simple Japanese parasol or even an umbrella. I enjoy the style, true, but I also like the lack of hat hair and the ease of folding up the parasol at will. With a history of skin cancer in my family, I can't afford to go without a shield from the sun. Yet I have been mocked on the street more than once, including a cat-call of "It's not raining!"

  9. I definitely agree about the comments on fashion as a means of self expression being deemed almost unacceptable by society. Its so unnerving that because it is a field in which women excel, it is also extremely looked down upon in western society. I acknowledge that I come from an extremely privileged place where when I wear something that is seen as out of the ordinary, people are often nice about it and I haven't had someone tell me to my face that an outfit that I've chosen is ugly. But at the same time I also feel like what's the big deal yknow? I see fashion as a means of self expression in that as a fellow shy person I can proudly display my true nature and personality though my clothing. It also helps as a springboard for conversation and can definitely be seen as a tool for attention but for the most part it's just fun and it makes me feel more confident in myself and at the end of the day, fashion is just pieces of cloth and people shouldn't be making such grand criticisms of anyone's style.


  10. So, so cute! Your picture have been looking amazing lately! Alex

  11. You're preaching to the converted here :)
    Having had abnormal hair colours and dressing slightly "not normal", well basically getting comfortable in my own skin, I have become the local staring object for the last two years.
    I think it's a lot to do with the culture of the people too. Here, in Belgium, it's very unlikely to see a person dress different from the rest let alone have pink hair... so I'm pretty stand out ish. When I go home to the UK though, I feel far less stared at. If I am I feel like people are just looking, the same way I do when something or someone is different but here in Belgium, you can see the actual look of judgement on their faces. To the level of parents dragging their children away from me and people pointing and laughing at me. No one stops and speaks to me to realise that I'm actually I friendly person - It just grinds my gears when I just want to walk about. I don't care, but when you're having a particularly bad day it's not what you want.

    ~ K

  12. I love the denim jacket. If you don't mind me asking, what size did you order? Thank you! Feel free to email me your response.

  13. @Serena, you didn't leave an e-mail! and I have posted the size here before, it's a size 10. :)


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