The Wildest Colts

Leave it to Thomas to visit Lancaster for one week and find a covered bridge I had never noticed before. To be fair (to me), I was driving and I tend to keep my eyes on the road or my navigational devise rather than the general scenery. There are a number of covered bridges I see in Lancaster on a regular basis, but most are large and have frequent traffic. This little gem is a quiet walking bridge in a small park just on the other side of town from me. We passed it on our way to somewhere else and decided to pull over and explore it briefly--the cool grey interior definitely made my outfit pop and a breeze through the bridge acted as my own portable wind machine. Also, I haven't been doing the best job of adding horse print clothing to my small collection (because as "the clothes horse" I need some sort of horse collection) in the past year, but this dress is a pretty piece to add to my assortment. It should look nice in fall with black tights and a camel coat, but right now I'm definitely enjoying it with color blocked heels and my boater hat.

Outfit details:
boater hat (old, similar)
J Crew purse (old, similar)
random keychains
Seychelles heels (old, similar)
*pictures by Thomas


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