Aran Isles Rewind

On my last few days in Ireland Thomas and I took a trip to the Aran Isles; we didn't take many pictures but Thomas brought an old video camera and caught some really beautiful moments from our visit to the islands. The video camera is one from his childhood, an old 8mm Sony Handycam that he used to mess around with when he was little and recently re-found. I'm sort of quoting Thomas a lot in this post because while he didn't want to write the text the video is his so it seems only fitting to try to describe it from his perspective. Thomas works as a professional editor, so working with videos is his day-to-day but this was a fun side project, something nostalgic and almost dream-like. He wanted to capture a memory--to time travel 10 years into the future and remember what this trip was like when we were younger. I think he achieved that; a hazy, relaxed movie to watch on days when life's not a vacation. I hope you enjoy!


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