Village Greens

We're having a heat wave, a tropical heat wave, it isn't surprising, the temperatures rising…Or at least it felt like a summer's day when Thomas was visiting me and we went mini golfing. After such a long, cold winter I felt like I was melting under the direct sunlight and heat, thankfully the best mini golf course in the area (Village Greens) is pretty shaded. And isn't that how it always is? You long for warmth and sunshine all winter then when it arrives it knocks you off your feet as much as the last snowstorm. What is that quote "you say you love the rain, but then you hide under an umbrella?" I always go on and on about loving summer and then wallow in the humidity and beg for slushies and friend's pools. Despite being hot it was a beautiful day and a good excuse to wear my new patchwork dress from Family Affairs. I'll adjust to the warmer temperatures soon enough and it felt so good to be outside having fun and worrying about sunscreen.


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