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Today I try to look as quintessentially Irish as possible…Or at least it would appear. I didn't actually pack my favorite vintage dress thinking "oh this will look so Irish" and I bought the beret during my visit to the Aran Isles since it seemed like a practical keepsake and the color suited by hair, but when you put everything all together I feel a bit like a caricature. Still, I'm going with it--I really like all of these pieces which feel so good and easy to wear. Sometimes I have a dress I feel like dynamite in but the actual physical sensation is difficulty to breathe or constant pulling down of the hem; this outfit manages to feel good on multiple levels even the shoes are comfortable enough to walk for miles in. Even if no one else enjoys the look at least I know I'll always have a friend in Timmy (the cat). Timmy's gone blind although it doesn't seem to bother him much and one of my parents' dogs has gone deaf, so I keep thinking they should meet and begin a series of hijinks that will ultimately lead to a cartoon in their honor. Both animals certainly have enough personality to carry a show--most pictures of Timmy are usually end with his mouth wide open meowing to be petted more.

Outfit details:
Aran Isles beret
vintage dress
thrifted belt
Zara purse
*pictures by Thomas



  1. Timmmmmmmyyyyyy!!!!

  2. Love the outfit and the cap is beautiful.

  3. Love the colors of your outfit, and the beret is adorable. A must read for any cat lover and especially for anyone who has been around a blind cat, is Homer's Odyssey by Gwen Cooper. It is a delightful read. Thomas' family who I gather is the owner of Timmy would surely enjoy the book.

  4. I absolutely love this outfit! Everything is so perfectly coordinated and put together- the shoes and beret are particularly wonderful! Bonus adorable cat friend, too! :-)

  5. so cute! and those shoes are awesome!


  6. Timmy's whiskers are the stuff of legend. He looks like he has quite a personality!

  7. Wow, I absolutely love your blog! I just discovered it and I am just starting up a beauty/fashion blog. ONce I get a good camera though I'm going to upload better posts. :)

  8. Absolutely perfect outfit! Timmy SO reminds me of Puss in Boots, he's lovely!

  9. Animals are so resilient, and he's a cutie too. Reminds me of my cat from when I was a child, we have a ginger tom too and he was the friendliest of cats.

    I love dressing the part sometimes. It's just fun. Plus who can say no to green, it's my favourite colour (well one of them ;) )

  10. What a sweet cat :) I love this dress as well!

  11. wow... so fall for your outfit ><

  12. Awww Timmy is so cute! One of my cats has only one working eye. Love your outfit too. All your Ireland posts really make me want to visit.
    Xo, Randi

  13. I was most recently introduced to your blog by Meg and Sarah of Hello Holiday and I've fallen in love! You're so adorable.

    I look forward to more of your adventures :)


  14. awww, the first pic is the most adorable ever! Perfect pic, perfect outfit, you look adorable and so irish farmhouse gal from the 40s. Love this combo, its autumnal color, and yes! the cat! :3

  15. Hey Rebecca! I'm not sure if you've done a packing post for this Ireland trip. Which camera do you usually take on your journeys?


  16. Thank you Rebecca!

  17. I'm discovering your blog and I love it ! wonderful shooting ♥


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