Farm Cat

Today I try to look as quintessentially Irish as possible…Or at least it would appear. I didn't actually pack my favorite vintage dress thinking "oh this will look so Irish" and I bought the beret during my visit to the Aran Isles since it seemed like a practical keepsake and the color suited by hair, but when you put everything all together I feel a bit like a caricature. Still, I'm going with it--I really like all of these pieces which feel so good and easy to wear. Sometimes I have a dress I feel like dynamite in but the actual physical sensation is difficulty to breathe or constant pulling down of the hem; this outfit manages to feel good on multiple levels even the shoes are comfortable enough to walk for miles in. Even if no one else enjoys the look at least I know I'll always have a friend in Timmy (the cat). Timmy's gone blind although it doesn't seem to bother him much and one of my parents' dogs has gone deaf, so I keep thinking they should meet and begin a series of hijinks that will ultimately lead to a cartoon in their honor. Both animals certainly have enough personality to carry a show--most pictures of Timmy are usually end with his mouth wide open meowing to be petted more.

Outfit details:
Aran Isles beret
vintage dress
thrifted belt
Zara purse
*pictures by Thomas


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