Briefly Bare

Don't worry I'm not quite as bare as I might appear, although next time I'll definitely opt for a black slip underneath this sassy number from W Concept. Still, it's nice to be showing a bit of skin again--after an incredibly long winter and cooler month in Ireland I'm quite excited to be back in the States experiencing some early summer temperatures. Anyway, just a brief post today since I'm a bit wrecked between long flights, jet lag, and a busy schedule since I got back that included shooting a wedding and over a five hour drive out to Ohio…Hopefully, I'll get some time to just sit outside in the sun soon, adding a wee bit of color to my blindingly pale legs.

Outfit details:
thrifted hat (similar)
ASOS cardigan (old, similar)
purse via Swapdom



  1. what a stunning dress! i love the way you styled it. also, your curls are just so darn adorable. do you use a curling iron or are these no-heat wonders? x

  2. that dress is gorgeous! love the cut outs!


  3. I love the cut out on the arms and the back but the front would be a little risky for my liking. It has a lovely shape though and that hat is pretty cool too.

    Ahh jet lag. Hope it wears off soon. Safe drive! That's a long long way.

  4. That dress looks gorgeous on you!!

  5. It's nice to see you a wee more dressed up than usual! That lace is so beautiful and I love your curls!
    xoxo, Lindsey Dish

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