Style Crush: Anna Dello Russo

Anna Dello Russo lives in a world where fantasy and reality collide. While most people take clothes off the runway and re-style them to suit their lives or merely look "normal," Anna Dello Russo usually rips her entire looks straight from the runway. She believes designers present their garments in the truest artistic form and to water things down is to change the message. When she does deviate from head-to-toe runway it usually is through adding an over-the-top embellishment in the form of a whimsical hat or quirky purse. She seems like a woman who never took messages of "less is more" to heart and I admire her for it. I always think of her style when people accuse bloggers of "peacocking" since I've never seen anyone dressed as extravagantly as Anna Dello Russo and she's an editor fully accepted within the fashion community. This isn't a criticism of her style, but rather a point that outlandish clothes do not invalidate a person or make their presence a detraction from fashion week(s). Anyway, I'm a big fan of her style--in a sea of minimalism and "lazy" looks she is a breath of fresh air. Above everything else she looks like she has fun getting dressed and to me that is what it should all be about.


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