Spring Queen

I always sort of assumed my more theatrical or whimsical looks weren't popular with boys. I mean, I never spent any time trying to dress for a guy and I've read a number of Internet tirades by men against flower crowns and high-waisted things and generally the sorts of clothes I enjoy and my lack of romantic prospects really nailed the point home to me. So, even though I was dressed in my typical fashion when I met Thomas and I knew he browsed my blog at some point after we met before he asked me to be his girlfriend, I still assumed he didn't like my more ridiculous accessories. It didn't stop me from wearing them in general, but I would "tone things down" every now and then when we went on a date or I was meeting his friends. It was only a couple of months ago as I was taking forever to get ready and he pointed out I had loads of options on what to wear and I said, "oh but you wouldn't want me going out to dinner in a tutu." He really surprised me by responding, "I'd love it if you wore a tutu--that'd be great!" It was only then that I realized I was self-imposing fashion restrictions that he didn't actually care about. I assumed he'd be self-conscious to be seen with someone in such an attention-seeking outfit--I mean, I'm not unaware of that fact that I'm usually the overdressed person at a party. It was wild to realize that not only did he not "mind" my clothes, but he actually got a kick out of them too. I probably should have realized this earlier when he's been complimenting me and has never requested I wear something different, but sometimes I need things to be spelled out a bit...

Outfit details:
Modcloth headband (old, similar)
vintage dress
Seychelles booties (old, similar)
*pictures by Thomas


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