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I always sort of assumed my more theatrical or whimsical looks weren't popular with boys. I mean, I never spent any time trying to dress for a guy and I've read a number of Internet tirades by men against flower crowns and high-waisted things and generally the sorts of clothes I enjoy and my lack of romantic prospects really nailed the point home to me. So, even though I was dressed in my typical fashion when I met Thomas and I knew he browsed my blog at some point after we met before he asked me to be his girlfriend, I still assumed he didn't like my more ridiculous accessories. It didn't stop me from wearing them in general, but I would "tone things down" every now and then when we went on a date or I was meeting his friends. It was only a couple of months ago as I was taking forever to get ready and he pointed out I had loads of options on what to wear and I said, "oh but you wouldn't want me going out to dinner in a tutu." He really surprised me by responding, "I'd love it if you wore a tutu--that'd be great!" It was only then that I realized I was self-imposing fashion restrictions that he didn't actually care about. I assumed he'd be self-conscious to be seen with someone in such an attention-seeking outfit--I mean, I'm not unaware of that fact that I'm usually the overdressed person at a party. It was wild to realize that not only did he not "mind" my clothes, but he actually got a kick out of them too. I probably should have realized this earlier when he's been complimenting me and has never requested I wear something different, but sometimes I need things to be spelled out a bit...

Outfit details:
Modcloth headband (old, similar)
vintage dress
Seychelles booties (old, similar)
*pictures by Thomas



  1. This is totally ironic. I wore a very similar outfit yesterday, flower headwear and all, and I thought my boyfriend would think I looked too much like a fairy. He loved it; complemented me on it all day.

  2. Rebecca, you have found the perfect guy for you. I know you two will have a great life together. And Thomas has hit the jackpot in finding you. I hope I'm around to enjoy some of your adventures together.

  3. Isn't it funny how we can still find a way to be self conscious after so many years?!

  4. Your style is totally up my street! Amongst my friends I'm known as the 'fairy princess' for the way I dress, and I love it! It's unfair for people to feel that they shouldn't dress a certain way if that way makes them happy. Flower crowns and dresses all the way!

    Breaking Biscuits

  5. I LOVE that you wrote about this topic because it's something I've struggled with. When I had a boyfriend last year I dressed totally different because I didn't think he'd want to be seen with me wearing "dressy" clothes. So I wore jeans and shorts and flip flops and dressed for him instead of myself. Since we've broken up, I've embraced my own style again and I love it. Now I approach boys as myself, and I've found it much more successful :)

  6. Hi Rebecca!

    I've been following your blog for a about a month now and I really love your style! So it's not only Thomas who appreciates it :)
    Also, i found a dress with horseprint. I had to think of you immediately. Here's the link: http://www.sugarhillboutique.com/aw13/pretty-pony-shift-dress.aspx

    I hope you will keep posting pictures of your outfits, because I'm looking forward to it every day!

    Greetings from the Netherlands!

  7. Beautiful beautiful pictures!
    i can smell a sweet rose perfume and looking at these pics make me want to eat sweets treats :P
    May i ask what camera and lenses do you use? i've noticed there's a fantastic depth of field in your recent pics, did you change your camera?
    thanks ;)

  8. Me oh my, these photos are the dreamiest!

  9. I have had a similar conversation with my bf with regards to my fashion choices, hair colours and body mod preferences. But there is something to be said for a person that accepts you unconditionally.

  10. Wow- so very beautiful! Alex


  11. and... might I add- what a great guy- so glad you have met someone who loves you for who you are in every aspect- even your style!

  12. Aww, he's a keeper girl! Love the bunny bag too!
    Two Hearts One Roof

  13. these photos are stunning! and thomas sounds great :)



  14. without a doubt one of my favorite posts from you to date! it is just too lovely for words. <3

    always knew there was something special about thomas that made you say yes! (:

  15. This is such a lovely post and so similar to the way I have felt when I first met my boyfriend. I definitely toned it down and slowly introduced him to my style, which is generally experimental, a little punk, and eye catching. I remember worrying about showing him my blog and realising months into our relationship that he knew it existed and had never even thought to tell me because he was so fine with it.

    My moment of realisation that he liked my style came when I showed him a post I had made with three outfits. One was normal, one girly, and one super punk. I asked him which he preferred and he said the punk one. I was surprised but he clarified that it was the look that seemed the most me. I thought that was really sweet.

    Now that I am no longer a university student and generally dress a little more demure he complains that I am not as risque as I used to be haha.

    But then, I think I do this for other people in my life not just my boyfriend. I definitely did it when I started my job - started out wearing long black pants and plain shirts. Today I am wearing a denim dress!

  16. @Anonymous, it's the same camera & lens as I've been using for around a year--canon mark & 50mm. You can find more camera details in my FAQ. Thomas plays with the settings a lot, so you can see different depth of field based one how he and I choose to set the f-stop. It's all about going manual. :)

  17. Aww 'but sometimes I need things to be spelled out a bit..." !!

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  19. Isn't it interesting how we self-impose things that we assume about the other person? It's fascinating when that moment of realization comes, and you're suddenly aware of the fact that these limitations existed only in your own head.

    I love moments of realization like that!


  20. Such a gorgeous outfit and beautiful photos. It warms my heart that your boy loves and encourages you to dress the way you want!!

    xox Sammi

  21. Is Pat Palmer aka Grandpat your relative? She has a blog and that's awesome!

  22. Oh my gosh this is heaven! Such a gorgeous post.


  23. @Emmika, yep she's my great-cousin--and an awesome lady. :)

  24. This whole shoot is beyond stunning. The colors, the feel, the outfit...beautiful



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