Sunday Remix

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Once you identify your major style influences the other pieces start to fall into place all on their own. For example, once I realized my favorite silhouette was 50s influenced (i.e. a fitted top with a full skirt) and these were the dresses I came back to again and again, all my other wardrobe pieces started to "go" with that look. I acquired belts which helped me add waists to looser dresses, I developed a fondness for trench coats, and most of the sweaters and cardigans I acquired were of the shorter variety--ending near at my natural waistline where my skirt would swell. Sometimes I can almost feel like a uniform of skater dresses and ballet flats and cardigans; as if the only things that change are the color and pattern of the pieces. It's like enjoying chocolate cake and not only eating it every day but realizing one morning that all the ingredients in your kitchen will only make chocolate cake. A 50s silhouette is still my favorite, but when I bought this long, boyfriend cardigan last fall I knew it would force me to wear different shapes. This cardigan looks funny over my fullest skirts, working best with a slouchy silhouette or at least an unexaggerated a-line. It's just a simple cardigan, but it forces some variety into my closet.


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