Tomboy Style

Farm living (or visiting) must be rubbing off on me, or perhaps it is just ennui of my suitcase contents that has me raiding Thomas's closet, but today I almost look like a tomboy. Thomas suggested I use an axe as a prop and the farm cat, Timmy, decided to photobomb our session making this set of photographs thoroughly rugged. It's nice to play the tomboy every now and again...

Outfit details:
Aran Isles beret
sweater borrowed from Thomas
J Brand jeans
vintage shoes
Rebecca Minkoff backpack (similar)
*pictures by Thomas



  1. love that backpack! so cute!


  2. so cute n cozy! love that sweater on you- the fit is super adorbs. such pretty jewel tones too! I would give just about anything to trade city life for this kind of a scene right now.

  3. Hehe, a tomboy and a tomcat :) that's actually a very intimidating cat, looks like he's seen a few battles! That the boyfriend jumper, they are always the cosiest :)

  4. These photos are wonderful! The light and the colours are beautiful. It's always nice to visit your blog.

  5. Love the Autumnal feel of these photos! You look lovely, that shot of Timmy is brilliant to. Now i want a big oversized sweater...

  6. Love this photoshoot - You look so great, and the colors are stunning! Love that axe too ;)

  7. Timmy always makes me smile


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