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I keep forgetting that it's not officially summer yet when we have so many days that feel like summer. It's not just the temperatures--I see evidence in the fields turning golden and the children drawing with chalk on the sidewalks when they would usually be in school. There's evidence of a more energetic and free season when I visit lakes like this one, so quiet in winter filling with canoes and people swimming. Since summer is perhaps my favorite season I have few complaints. This dress is (as a friend told me when I put it on) a perfect summer dress; ideally I would wear the nautical themed piece by the ocean, but as I'm a bit land-locked the lakes and rivers in my area will have to suffice. It's really the colors of the dress that drew me too it--the cream base with splotches of teal, I have many things in my closet to match it with and I love how it looks with red accents.

Outfit details:
boater hat (old, similar)
*pictures by Jon, edited by me



  1. That's a pretty dress. :) Irene Wibowo

  2. Lovely pictures!
    I absolutely adore your boater's hat xx

  3. I love this dress so much! I have an obsession with anything nautical-themed, and this dress is just darling. I love how you accentuated the teal details by wearing those shoes with that outfit.

    -Helen Grace

    Sweet Helen Grace

  4. Your photos are incredible. Lovely dress and nice hat! the lake seems so peacefull.

  5. I´m just love it. So beautiful, nice colors, good composition and framing. Just amazing. Sorry abou my English, i´m Brazilian.

  6. what a gorgeous photoshoot! the lighting is perfect!


  7. that dress is amazing!

  8. Sooo in love with the whole atmosphere on the photos! Love your outfit and the color scheme!

  9. That really is a great summer dress! Perfect for a day by the seaside :)

  10. This is like my favourite summer outfit I've seen so far! I love every bits of it and the photos are just so breathtaking! No need for beaches as rivers and lakes look just as beautiful in Summer.

  11. What a cute summer dress. Seriously your outfits just express who you are so perfectly. I love seeing your new posts. Lovely photos

  12. This photo session is amazing, love the tones in your pictures and the textures which are very analogue-ish. Your nautical outfit here is one of my favorites of yours lately, but I usually fell in love with each one of them ;)

    Damaris | The cat, you and us

  13. these pictures are goooorgeous!


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