Sunday Remix

Little black dresses are a necessity in every woman's wardrobe, but in the summer there's nothing quite as perfect as a little white dress--even if this lacy number made my friends teasingly ask, "when's the wedding?" I have several little white dresses, but this new one with vintage details is my current favorite. I've been wearing it around casually with flats, but I knew it would work perfectly in a remix; the top half looks lovely as a blouse tucked into skirts and I can even see it layered up more in fall. 

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asteapta-ma o clipa said...

Try to see this blogger, too. You will really love her. She,s a blogger from my country http://thewonderfashion.blogspot.ro

Emerald Dove said...

Lovely outfits! I love the first outfit - the shoes are gorgeous! :)

alexis said...

Do you mind sharing what lip color you're wearing in the top photo? I like it!

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

@alexis it's by Clinique and the name is "red red red" (which sometimes people don't believe is the name, but it is!) :)

Elsa said...

I love white dresses. I find them easier to wear than black one. Plus, wearing black in the summer is horrible :)

Love, Elsa

Nikki Williams said...

i'm on the hunt for a perfect white dress! i love this one!