Back Country Road

There are dozens of roads like this in my area--I usually fly down them (although at a more sensible speed than true locals who know every bump and curve) barely noting my surroundings. While scenic, the roads are your mode of transportation, not the destination. Except perhaps when you like a variety of backgrounds for your pictures; so today I stopped to smell the roses, or in this case the dirt and growing things along the back roads. In this area the roads are lined with farms; some have signs out front with countdowns to when sweet corn is available, or advertising their free range eggs and even a few who offer nightcrawlers for sale! I technically live in the city, but I enjoy this area outside of those streets a bit more. I like how much bigger the sky appears, I like the quaint red barns with their colorful hex signs, and the random people who walk and ride their bikes back here seemingly in the middle of the nowhere headed to who-knows-where...


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