Laced With Romance

Most days my style is about figuring out how to make dresses work for daywear--a watering-down if you will of more extravagant leanings. Every now and then though I just want to wear something dressy for dressy's sake. Life is too short for boring clothes, or sometimes even practical ones. If I wait for a suitable occasion to wear a lacy blue number out then I'll probably only get a chance to wear it once or twice. It always seems like a waste that the prettiest pieces are seen the least often; sure it makes them more special but jeans can also seem special when I don't wear them for months...



  1. Rebecca, your photography lately has just been utterly breathtaking- so, so pretty the way you were able to capture the light! Alex

  2. That dress! That ear cuff! Love LOVE love!!!!!!

    Xo, Randi

  3. Gorgeous dress, and I love the ear cuff! It lends the whole look an extra sense of edge and mystery.

    I'm running my very first giveaway on my blog this week, and I'd love for you to check it out :)


  4. gorgeous dress and breath taking photos! i'm so jealous of your photography skills!


  5. What a great dress and color on you! Love the ear cuff too.

    blue hue wonderland

  6. Sexy, hot, elegant and with the usual sweetness. Just perfect :o)

  7. How lovely the ear cuff is with this!!! Ahh, I love it :)

  8. I think you've just inspired me to pull out some of my 'dressier' clothes on regular days. I tend to let pieces sit in my closet for fear of looking TOO dressed up on any old afternoon. That ear cuff is beautiful.

  9. I agree, sometimes I just like to dress up :)
    Just making said dressy item a little less visible like with the trench coat is a nice way to break everything up.

  10. Love the dress and the ear cuffs! Pretty! x

  11. I absolutely love your ear cuff! It pops so much! (:


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  13. You find the best dresses! And I love that you're price conscious too. You're not wearing dresses that the average Jane can't afford...which makes your blog that much cooler!
    This one looks amazing on you.


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