Style Crush: Brigitte Bardot

Let's ignore her politics for the moment and focus on this: when it comes to the blonde bombshell Brigitte Bardot pretty much wrote the book. Every summer when I start to think of vintage day dresses and ballet flats, it is Bardot who comes to mind. Les Mepris is a huge style inspiration for me and even off set the beauty had a lot of influence in the 50s and 60s. She is often credited for skyrocketing the bikini's popularity when she donned one at Cannes in 1953. Similarly she changed the appeal of gingham when she got married in that wholesome print--within years it was on every film star from Doris Day to Judy Garland. If you dig more into her street style pictures you find chic capris pants, wide brimmed hats, and ballet flats are also signatures of hers from this period in time. Her style took a different direction in the 70s, but it is this era I'm most inspired by; especially timely since I feel this style epitomizes summer.


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