Sunday Remix

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Since I have a shortage of blouses because most of my clothes are dresses many of my dresses have to do double-duty and work as blouses. Some dresses work better than others for being layered and this little slip dress originally from Modcloth is definitely my favorite for layering--in fact, I remixed it last fall with four other ways I wore it. While it is a dress, I style it far more often as a top; I love the lace detailing around the neckline makes it an interesting, slightly dressier top.



  1. All outfits are lovely, but the very first one with the green skirt is dazzling! <3

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  2. I appreciate your resourcefulness in remixing pieces! It's inspired me to wear a dress as a blouse more than once--something I mightn't otherwise have thought of.

  3. I love how you wear dresses as tops so often. I too have a shortage of tops in my wardrobe so I really like the idea of remixing like this. Unfortunately it's super hot in Georgia most of the time so having an extra layer is hard for me to justify!

  4. I always have a shortage of tops even though I seem to have quite a few skirts. But I do enjoy wearing a dress instead, especially in the winter for the added warmth.

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  6. that first photo is stunning!


  7. Your outfits are always so lovely, especially that first one! Love your Sunday remix posts, they're great for a hit of inspiration x

  8. one of my favourite pieces of yours- love it worn as a top. really dig how edwardian the details look.


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