Catch A Falling Star

Shortly after I chopped my hair into a pixie cut I noticed many of my friends wearing little ribbons in their ponytails and quite envied the look. Now that I finally have hair long enough to force into a ponytail the added ribbon has become one of my favorite styles--in summer heat it's even sensible to boot. Also, this dress is for sale in my closet shop; I couldn't resist wearing it one last time before someone buys it (if no one buys it I'll actually be pretty happy to keep my hands on it!). If you're interested in buying anything you should check it out now because I'll be closing the shop later this week. Anyway, it was fun giving this dress one last outing; my little jeweled heels were a perfect match and how fun is this little star purse? It doesn't hold much, but sometimes that is a good thing. You know, carry only what you need, focus on a simple to-do list, get rid of things that are only taking up space in your life/house. Minimizing is a good thing.

Outfit details:
old dress (for sale here)
*pictures by Jon, edited by me


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