Cloud Pearls

All outfits need a starting point--the spark of inspiration. For me there's never one consistent point of inspiration; sometimes it's an image I saw in an editorial or look I walked down the runway, or some pretty scene I saw while walking or driving on my way somewhere else, or even just being the nearest dress to my bed when I wake up in the morning. Since summer styles tend to be incredibly minimal (to the point of boredom!) with a mere dress and shoes combination I tend to focus on jewelry more as a building block. I recently received a couple of pieces from Cloud Pearls and her handmade, color-blocked necklaces are keeping me inspired right now. With this pretty red, pale pink, and mint one I decided on a navy palette to make it pop and then coordinated with nautical cardigan. Everything's still light and easy enough to survive the heat of the day while I get to feel pulled-together instead of overly "plain Jane."

Outfit details:
ASOS dress (old, similar)
Zara purse
Topshop sandals (old, similar)
*pictures by Kate



  1. that necklace is gorgeous! and i love those sandals!


  2. Love the cardigan! The combo with the necklace is perfect. Oh! and your nails are so fun today!

    Damaris | The cat, you and us

  3. I rarely comment on blogs anymore. I'm not sure why. BUT- I feel compelled to tell you that you're one of the few fashion blogs I still enjoy. I think you're just adorable and you have the best fashion sense. My blog has kind of moved away from outfit photos and you inspire me to get that part of it back!

    Stephanie @

  4. I have to admit, i'm completely lacking in the accessories department and always rock the plain Jane look in the summer haha (and mostly everyday of the year)

  5. Such a cute outfit. Totally relevant today but could have also been in the late 60s early 70s. Great styling.
    please stop by


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