The Spirit Of Novelty

Last summer was all about the novelty prints (like the dress I'm wearing today from last summer) and it almost feels as if this is the summer of the novelty purses--like my popcorn bag. This purse is one of the most fun pieces I own, and yes, I mostly want to take it to the movie theater with me. Another reason to enjoy summer: blockbuster movie season. I don't get to see as many movies I might like in theaters, but I still have a shortlist of ones I want to see. As much as I enjoy my Netflix it really feels like a treat to go out to movies, buy yourself a soda, and watch a story on an enormous screen. I really need to make it to an outdoor theater this summer since there is one in my area. The Vivian Maier documentary was showing in some independent theaters and it was so good, I definitely recommend it. I thought X-men was only decent and right now I'm looking forward to Mood Indigo. What are you looking forward to seeing this summer?


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