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The area between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh is sometimes rudely referred to as "Pennsyltucky" which is pretty much meant to insult both small towns and Kentucky. Of course, there are a lot of farms and fields and quiet roads, but I don't really understand how people consider this a bad thing ("oh no there's no traffic!"). Small towns also dot the area and many are filled with pretty parks with fountains and quaint restaurants with outdoor seating lit by twinkle lights and have a charm cities will never be able to offer. I don't visit other towns in my area enough, but it's nice on a weekend or warm afternoon to explore a bit with friends taking advantage of the good weather to eat ice cream and window-shop. I don't know how much longer I'll be living in Pennsylvania so it seems to me that I should spend my final months visiting more of these underrated small towns.



  1. Yep, as a Pittsburgh-area dweller, I've definitely heard the Pennsyltucky term before. There are a lot of quaint small towns the state has to offer, so it's an unfortunate stereotype.

    I am loving that unicorn purse. So cute!

  2. Gorgeous dress! I love the way you've done your nails too. I'm a jersey girl, but I'm literally right on the river across from New Hope, PA. I go into Philly quite often and I've sure heard the term Pennsyltucky before. Although I love the city, I appreciate small towns even more. Kudos to you for exploring :)

  3. I love that dress, and that's such an adorable purse! You always have the cutest accessories!

  4. I too live in Pittsburgh but will shortly be moving - would have been nice though to have explores the small towns you describe! I enjoyed getting glimpses through your words and images though...

    Love the Look image!

  5. that little jean jacket is so cute!


  6. gorgeous photos, red looks amazing on you!

  7. That dress is perfect, so pretty! And the handbag is just amazing!
    Two Hearts One Roof

  8. charming indeed! i wish i had access to pretty little towns like you speak of; the hustle and bustle of the city certainly gets old!

    oh, are you moving to ireland? wink wink :p

  9. love the denim jacket! what size is it? (i'm also a petite woman who needs to shop in the children's department)

  10. @Rebecca Schiff it's a size/age 10, you would do best to look at the measurements listed in the shop or even go in a store & try on :)

  11. @bestie, I'd like to move there eventually but right now the plan is to move to VA in the fall. ;)

  12. Love that you stressed the beauty of the small towns. You look so beautiful in red!, and that heart pin is definitely in my wishlist :) So are your dino pins.

    Damaris | The cat, you and us

  13. Cute cute cute. I love your nails and ponytail -- made me think of the French movie Populaire.

    We're moving soon too (five days!!!) and I do regret not making my way around to more places here in Arizona. There are so many cool, old west towns. We'll be in the Seattle area, so I'm sure there will be plenty to do there.

  14. Love your blog, and adore your style.

    Your pictures are always so gorgeous! My boyfriend and I are planning a trip to the Lancaster/Strasburg area this weekend. Were also making stops in Kennett Square, the Poconos, and Allentown.

    If it isn't too much trouble, do you have any sites or places you'd recommend? :)

    We have quite the itinerary planned, but figured there might be some hidden jobs not listed on touristy websites.

  15. @Kellie Lynn, I'm gonna ask my friends who are from this area for their short list and e-mail you. They definitely know some amazing places to eat and quiet spots that might not appear in a guide.

  16. Hi Rebecca!
    You just gave me the definition of a word I didn't understand though I sensed it was derogatory. Now I know why the character of Tiffany Doggett in the series "Orange is The New Black" is nicknamed "Pennsatucky"! Thanks for the enlightenment!!!
    Lilsirene, a French reader of yours


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