Why Don't You?

I'm losing a battle to a migraine which makes looking at computer screens quite painful, so the text today shall be brief. These pictures were taken on a nicer day when my head was clear and the sun was out. It's so much fun to wear this tutu--it never fails to make me feel glamorous and a little excessive, as if I should be reading Vreeland's Why Don't You..? column. In Diana Vreeland's columns she would encourage the most impractical things like having your cigarettes stamped with a personal insignia, or owning twelve dozen diamond roses, or washing your hair with champagne. In many cases it does seem like an extravagant lifestyle, but there's something to be said about injecting a little "why don't you" into your life. Why don't we wear precisely what we want even if it isn't the most sensible? Why don't we spend less time worrying about how others perceive us and more time living our lives..?



  1. Gosh, I'm in love with this outfit. The tulle skirt is incredible, and I love how you accessorized it!

  2. You look so very lovely :) I love the star holding a strand of your hair back best of all! Also, your curls are great. This outfit rocks. I love the "Why don't you" memo. It's true, so many people dress for boys or for other people. I LOVE when girls dress for themselves. You're a role model for sure Rebecca!

  3. Hope you get soon better from the headaches, migraine can be terrible, make sure to rest your eyes from computer screens for a while.

    Lately I have been awwing after all your outfits one by one, you are the cutest! :) Love also how you encourage us, in so many different ways& different posts, to worry less about others and focus on our own lives.

    Damaris | The cat, you and us

  4. I love your outfit and the lighting in these pictures is amazing! Your posts about dressing for yourself are really inspiring: I feel like I can never find the right words when someone asks why I dress the way I do. It takes a second for me to realize there doesn't need to be a reason, I like it is all :) Thanks for confirming that thought!

    I hope you feel better and are able to rest up for your migraine battles!

  5. such lovely photos, magical setting and perfect outfit!! Your hair colour is amazing as well xoxo

  6. This is so elegant and feminine. Very lovely.


  7. that skirt is absolutely stunning!



  8. It goes so great with the basic top. I like to pair things like this... an attempt to damped down I guess, if needed. But mostly I don't care :D

  9. This skirt is so beautiful. Did you get it in the 24" or 30" length? I'm about your height and am considering getting something similar. Thanks~ ^^


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