Why Don't You?

I'm losing a battle to a migraine which makes looking at computer screens quite painful, so the text today shall be brief. These pictures were taken on a nicer day when my head was clear and the sun was out. It's so much fun to wear this tutu--it never fails to make me feel glamorous and a little excessive, as if I should be reading Vreeland's Why Don't You..? column. In Diana Vreeland's columns she would encourage the most impractical things like having your cigarettes stamped with a personal insignia, or owning twelve dozen diamond roses, or washing your hair with champagne. In many cases it does seem like an extravagant lifestyle, but there's something to be said about injecting a little "why don't you" into your life. Why don't we wear precisely what we want even if it isn't the most sensible? Why don't we spend less time worrying about how others perceive us and more time living our lives..?


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