Brigadoon Cottage

Brigadoon cottage nestled in the misty Mourne mountains outside Castlewellan.
Say hello to our new home--or so we wish! Thomas surprised me with a brief visit to this idyllic little cottage surrounded by mountains. You basically couldn't have wiped the smile off my face the whole time we were there. It's a beautiful wee home with the bright green door and windows and white stone walls that almost make you feel as if you're in a cave once you're inside. It is the sort of house Thomas and I would like to live in one day, but for now we're just visiting. Let's just hope unlike the Brigadoon story we'll be allowed to see it again before it's been one hundred years...We felt at home as soon as we were in the front door carrying our chips & curry takeaway (it's my favorite) and enjoyed our refined meal in front of a roaring fire which was probably unnecessary given the season. It was the coziest space for a relaxing day and night complete with a friendly cat that greeted us nearly every time we stepped outdoors.



  1. The cottage is just lovely! It looks wonderful with the pretty teal-colored door and windows. I've always wanted to live in pretty, small home.

  2. it's just so pretty i can't even. i just. can't. *cries a little*

    also, i adored your blonde hair from the start, but it is getting even more gorgeous by the day. you are so lovely.

  3. That's such a lovely little cottage! I would absolutely love to live somewhere like this. Gorgeous photos :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  4. The cottage looks like it was made for you :) You really are a lovely couple!


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  6. What a quaint and picturesque cottage. Surrounded by the beautiful scenery, I can see why you fell in love with it.

  7. Wow - what an idyllic location! It is picture postcard perfect. And I would also love the know the location of the spectacular castle / stately home in your most recent post! x

  8. Thomas Glass really knows how to "court" a lady. What a nice surprise for you and what a lovely little cottage. Great photos.

  9. what a stunning little cottage! the colors are stunning


  10. This isn't very far from where I live :D It was for sale a couple years ago and I begged my husband to buy it for us, but too small for a growing wee family. Gorgeous though! Jealous you got to stay in it. I love you photos! :)


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