Postcards from Ireland

I'm currently enjoying some of the most beautiful weather in Northern Ireland and being on my computer for an extended period of time is a pain. So today I thought I'd share a few of my favorite "touristy" snaps from my Instagram. They're not the same quality as I can get with my camera, but sometimes it's nice to leave the camera at home.


Elliementary, My Dear said...

So pretty!

Emerald Dove said...

Beautiful pictures - I have always wanted to visit Ireland. :)

Stacia, Paper Swallow Events said...

Beautiful! Good for you that you left your camera at home for a bit!

Vani Sagita said...

The photos still looking very pretty! I never heard anything about Ireland but you make me want to go there so bad! Haha


Nikki Williams said...

so beautiful!



Pernille said...

I love it! Hope you have a great time!
Would you consider making a guide (like what to see and not) in Ireland and Northern Ireland? I'm planning a trip soon but wants to see something more than just the-tourism-must-sees.
- Pernille (Denmark)