Style Crush: Olivia Palermo

For awhile when The City was on the air Olivia Palermo seemed to be the answer to the question: what happens to Blair Waldorf after school? But the reality star really seemed to hit her style and career stride after the show ended and the invites to fashion weeks all over the world started pouring in. It wasn't too long before she was a street photographer favorite and sitting front row at all the big names. It's easy to see why--she has model-like proportions, but doesn't just "rest on pretty" choosing instead to mix things up in an eclectic style that is fresh and inspiring. I sometimes wonder why she's wearing two coats and no tights, but I love the mix of colors and how she plays with proportions. She's one of those style crushes I don't really want to admit to liking, but when she's so chic why pretend?


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