Crossing You In Style

While I choose slightly secluded spots for photographs I still run into the odd jogger or dog-walker or you know, regular walker--even on rainy days! As I was taking these pictures a cute, older couple walked by and said, "with that camera I guess you're not taking selfies!" To which I replied with a smile, "actually I am." I don't buy into selfie shame. Self portraits are nothing knew and taking pictures of yourself often doesn't mean you're full of yourself (and if you are full of self love, then good for you!). For a lot of people taking pictures on a regular basis is a quiet form of validation; it's made me more comfortable with my body and my style and looking back on pictures on days when I hated both and seeing in retrospect how they weren't terrible is a good reminder that a lot of things are just in my head. Aside from body positivity self portraiture is also a form of artistic practice; we use our bodies as stand-ins for models we can't afford or coerce into giving up their time while we practice a chosen medium. My photography has gotten so much better through the years and I wouldn't have nearly as much practice if I had waited for friends to have free time to pose for me!

Outfit details:
Modcloth umbrella (old, similar)
UO shoes (old)


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