Parkanaur Revisited

On my last visit to Parkanaur we were driven away prematurely by rain and barely got a chance to explore the grounds or their white deer. This time the weather was much better and we enjoyed a walk through the woods and deer park--next time I'm hoping to see inside the Tudor Revival house. The big stone lions might be my favorite feature; they have so much personality and the white nicely echoes the lichen growing on the house's old stone walls. My bright pink dress with it's retro-y print that reminds me of the sixties was probably not the best match for the location, but I like the contrast and how the colors pop here. These pictures are a good reminder to wear lipstick more often as well because I love the way it looks with the blonde hair. When I first dyed it I kept doing a double-take when I walked by a mirror or woke up in the morning. Big style changes often lead to a period of discomfort since we're so used to looking a certain way. But now I'm liking the look more and more and might keep my hair blonde longer than I had originally planned.

Outfit details:
Modcloth dress (old, similar)
*pictures by Thomas


meira said...

I'm really enjoying the way you change up your style- it's really fun to see
best wishes on your engagement!!

Rhiannon Lorenzo said...

you look so gorgeous, i love that dress on you!


Anonymous said...

I agree, blonde hair really suits you !

Emi Kimi said...

Love your dress!! Gorgeous photos:)


Leah said...

I dyed my hair blonde in April and have kept telling people I just don't feel like myself, but when I seriously considered re-dyeing it, I had second thoughts. Blonde does have a nice way of brightening up a complexion.

Aria Lee said...

This dress is absolutely beautiful, and what the perfect place to wear it!

Elliementary, My Dear said...

I think you look fantastic as a blonde :) And this outfit is stunning on you. Those lions are also pretty awesome.