Passport In My Pocket, Tricks Up My Sleeves

In the past when packing for my visits to Ireland I tried to pack somewhat thoughtfully--dresses I could wear in 2 or 3 styles with accessories and layers that also mixed with everything else. I followed my own basic packing tips developed over the years from frequent travels and awkward moves that left you living out of a suitcase for a few months. This time however I threw most of that out the window and just took clothes I wanted to wear without regard for how well they looked with other pieces or even if I could wear them in a different style. It's easier in summer of course, you have more space in your suitcase for a variety of dresses and don't have to worry as much about layers and heavy coats, but even so it was nice to pack for fun instead of practicality for once. When I pack this way I feel less like a tourist in Northern Ireland because I'm wearing clothes I'd easily wear back home rather than clothes I know are sensible. More at home in my clothes I feel more at home being here.
Also, thank you to everyone who has left their congratulations and well wishes; it's quite overwhelming and wonderful to have so many people be excited for you. I'm in love with Thomas and my ring and excited to start planning for the future, but I'll try to keep the ring spam and wedding nonsense to a reasonable level because after all the wedding is only one day of my life and not everyone needs to see a close-up of my ring on a daily basis. Still, it's nice to have friends (online and otherwise) to share these moments with--even if sometimes they're just politely nodding while you babble on about guys, dresses, and flower crowns.

Outfit details:
vintage cardigan
ASOS dress (old)
Seychelles flats
*pictures by Thomas



  1. blonde you is so beautiful and incredibly natural! And another congrats on your engagement! being married is the best!

  2. i love everything about this! classy and quirky all at once and you always look extra happy when posing for thomas. x

  3. Ok. The close up one of you smiling is maybe the cutest picture of you ever and it's sooo cute to imagine Thomas's reflection somewhere in your eyes. Adorbs.

  4. I wouldn't mind hearing a bit about your ring - it looks quite unique, it's always nice to see other people with different engagement ring styles!

  5. Oh, yes to flower crowns!!! I made a flower crown to wear on my own wedding day too:

  6. You and you blog are soooo cute. I'm in love hehe Great photos :) xoxo from brazil.

  7. gorgeous dress!


  8. Congrats on your engagement! You guys look so happy togeather and I'm excited to see where your adventures take you next.

  9. @Jane we don't actually know a whole lot about the ring. Thomas found it at an antique store (which had multiple sellers, so he couldn't even talk to the person who was selling it). It's vintage, estimated 1920s, white gold & whatnot, but that's all we know. I'd love to take it to an expert sometime and see if they can confirm the decade or tell me more about the style (it looks Art Nouveau to me). :)

  10. Belated congratulations Rebecca! I've been away from your blog for a while and have enjoyed catching up on all the archives I missed. So nice to see your wonderful smile, and to see that life is treating you well! (And of course, I always enjoy checking in with your chic sense of style; in fact, reading up on your blue hair inspired me to go ahead and take the plunge and try violet on mine, so thanks for that!)

    Enjoy Ireland, and congrats again! I say, bring on the ring-porn; it's a real stunner!

  11. I wouldn't mind a few more close ups of that gorgeous ring! Such a great find, Thomas clearly has an amazing eye. I'm sure your wedding will be lovely, sweet and gorgeous. It's such an exciting time, enjoy it! Xo, Randi

  12. Can I just say, you as a blonde in that grey dress, was ~*gorgeous*~ hahahah


  13. Hi Rebecca! Your blog & Instagram are my go-to everytime I check blogs I follow!
    I must say, this blonde really becomes you, makes you look more "grown-up" as opposed to the shorter blue hue look. Indeed the Hitchcock vibe is there :)

    Congratulations on your engagement! You look so happy and glowing in these pics!

  14. Love the red vintage cardigan! Pairs beautifully with your pretty dress.

  15. The pics of you in the red sweater, with your brilliant smile seem to reflect your thoughts and feelings about Thomas more than anything. I believe that indicates a bright and happy future for the two of you :-)
    You said the Wedding is only one day in your life however; besides the day you were born it is the day that will impact your life more than anything, and do not forget the life of Thomas. We have followed you for so long one cannot help but establish even a one way relationship with you. So we hope and Pray for the best for you and Thomas. As your two hearts go so do ours. So naturally we want every detail... to a point that is LOL.
    Wishing the two of you nothing but the best, Ace.

    P.S. I do not know why this thing will not let me sign in....

  16. Hi, I've been reading your blog for a while now but don't usually have time to comment -- congrats on your engagement, that is so exciting! Your ring is beautiful and you look so happy in all of your photos. My fiancé is also from Ireland and I just recently made my first trip there, so reading through your Ireland posts has been extra enjoyable for me!


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