Walled Gardens

Back in Northern Ireland I'm enjoying what Thomas refers as "an Irish summer" which is what he says whenever it starts raining or the wind blows all my hair into my face. It's definitely much more cool than what I was getting accustomed to in Pennsylvania, but I'm adjusting and it's actually nice to be able to wear a jacket without overheating. It is good weather for walking around and we've been doing a lot of that--these are the lovely walled gardens at a manor house. I can safely say that right now the grass is indeed greener in Ireland (than PA) and the flowers are blooming longer.

Outfit details:
Seychelles heels (old)
*pictures by Thomas



  1. I've been a long time reader (many years) and I have to say I think this is my favourite hair style/colour on you! You seem to be able to pull anything off mind you...

    Congrats on your engagement! So happy for you both :)

  2. For me, this is my favourite hair colour on you too! But i have a dream, i'm sure a blond pixie cut will really suit you, like a Jean Seberg...

  3. I love the red, but I actually love the blonde on you also! Looks so pretty! :D

  4. gorgeous! loving the new blonde. and that dress is amazing!


  5. woooow is so weird see your blonde side :P, but you still looking so pretty n.n, also the dress is so cute!


  6. stunning photos! and i LOVE your hair like this. it looks perfect on you!



  7. Lovely lovely photos and your hair color is so nice, it suits you really well!

  8. I'm loving your newly blonde hair and this fantastic outfit. That leather jacket looks great with your cute little dress. Congratulations on your engagement too! That's so exciting!

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  9. Love the blonde hair and these pretty garden pictures. Summer is here - make the most of it while it lasts, it never hangs around for long...

  10. Totally gorge. I love the blonde, by the way. I've been dark red for so long, and just went back to a more natural strawberry blonde like yours in June. My mom and grandmother were very happy lol...of course they think natural is best. And, foxes! Adorable!

    Emily || faitboum.com

  11. That dress is the cutest! You're making me want to visit Ireland more and more with your photos. Don't know why I haven't yet, since I am only a stone's throw away (Scotland)!

  12. Ireland looks lovely! Your hair and dress are absolutely beautiful as well. I especially like the print on the dress. I am getting obsessed with fox print.

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  14. Congratulations on your engagement!!! :)
    What a stunning ring, too!
    I have a 'thing' for anything that's in Art nouveau style. lol

    I don't mean to pry, but this means that one day, one of you will have to move abroad to be together, I suppose?
    I had to move to England from South Korea 11 years ago to be with my husband, so I know there'll be lots of things to think about in both of your minds. At least, either of you needn't worry about any language barrier. :)

    I can see lots of changes in latest posts - new hair colour and all.
    I think every colour you've tried really nice on you, even blonde. :)

    Anyway, congratulations again.
    I'm already looking forward to seeing some posts about your wedding day!!! LOL

    Have a good time with your fiancé in Ireland.

    Love from the land across the sea,
    Sienna xx

  15. love these photos~ :) being able to see these little glimpses of your life is so interesting!



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